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Here's a list of (almost) everything I've written.

Writings + Reports

3 Insights that will help you build Successful Web3 Social Apps - Lessons I've learnt while building and investing in the Web3 Social Space

The Case for Crypto Projects to Build Their Own Wallets - How web3 projects can increase stickiness and simplify user experience by building a native wallet.

3 Opportunities for Crypto Wallets to Increase web3 Adoption - How Design, Functionality, and Niche-Fits Can Define the Next Generation of Crypto Wallets

Charting the Growth of Clubhouse Audio App - A Set of Graphs that track the User Growth of Clubhouse from March 2020 to February 2021.


Sets in Rd\R^d determining kk taxicab distances - Classifying Optimal Configurations for specific formulations of the Erdős-Fishburn Problem where the Euclidian distance is replaced by the 1ℓ^1- norm.

Lattice Configurations Determining Few Distances - Classifying Optimal Configurations for specific formulations of the Erdős


Rabbithole.gg Guides

Rabbithole is a "Learn-to-Earn" platform where users complete tasks to earn Crypto and build their "on-chain" resume.

Signal on the Graph

Create a Gnosis Safe

Use Polygon for the first time

Mint an NFT on OpenSea

Swap tokens on QuickSwap

Deposit funds on PoolTogether

Setup and Bridge Funds on Celo

Lend Assets on BenQi

Borrow Assets on BenQi

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