💻 Projects

Here's a list of projects I've worked on over the years.



$RLY Bridge Dashboard - This Dashboard tracks value flowing in and out of the Forte Sidechain Bridge Contract utilized by Rally.io

NFT Dashboards

Crazy Crows Chess Club - Crazy Crows Chess Club is a collection of 8000 NFTs that grant lifetime memberships to Chess.com.

0N1 Force - 0N1 Force is a collection of 7777 NFTs randomly generated with over 100 features to choose from.

FOTO Vault - $FOTO is a fractionalized collection of NFTs by a group of renowned photographers including John Knopf, Cath Simard and Ben Strauss.

Strange Attractors - Strange Attractors is an interactive, on-chain generative NFT project that simulates three-dimensional, chaotic systems using Ethereum Smart Contracts

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