💰 Investments

I'm always on the lookout for teams that are solving interesting problems. Shoot me a DM if this is you.

Astro Banking Seed

Astro helps creators launch their own "airline miles" program. Fans earn points by using the Astro debit card everyday and can redeem them for special perks.

Talent Protocol Private Raise

Talent Protocol is a web3 platform on the Celo Blockchain that allows talent to launch a token for their career and build a community of supporters and mentors.

Bonfire Seed

Bonfire allows creators to manage their token economy by using Social Tokens and NFTs to track and engage their community.

Byte Seed+

Byte offers affordable food delivery options by designing and owning virtual restaurants that are only available on their platform.

Goblin Sax Seed+

Goblin Sax is an NFT Financialization DAO focussed on underwriting loans backed by NFT Collateral.

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